DC Motor

4V 200 RPM DC Motor, 555 Motor, 775 Motor, 3V High RPM Motor, DC 6V Motor, DC Vibrator Motor

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  • 4V 2000 RPM DC Motor

    The DC Motor is an electric motor that operates at 4 volts and rotates at a speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. 20.00৳ 
  • DC 12V 775 Motor

    A DC 12V 775 Motor is a powerful electric motor often used in various applications, including robotics and industrial machinery. 550.00৳ 
  • DC Motor 12V

    A 12V DC motor is an electrical motor designed to run on a 12-volt direct current power supply, used in various applications, including robotics and automotive systems. 80.00৳ 
  • DC Motor 6V

    A 6V DC motor is an electric motor designed to operate at 6 volts, commonly used in various electronic applications and robotics. 50.00৳ 
  • DC motor 9V

    A 9V DC Motor is an electrical motor that operates on a 9-volt direct current power source, commonly used in various electronic and robotic applications for motion control. 70.00৳ 
  • Micro Vibration Motor

    A Micro Vibration Motor is a small, compact motor designed to generate vibrations, frequently used in mobile devices and haptic feedback systems. 140.00৳ 
  • Mini Vibrator Motor

    A Mini Vibration Motor is a small motor that generates vibrations, often used for haptic feedback in electronic devices and wearables. 250.00৳