Arduino Uno R3


Arduino Uno operating at 5V, offers 14 digital I/O pins, 6 analog inputs, 32 KB memory, 16 MHz speed, USB and an open-source IDE, programming becomes easier.

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Arduino Uno: Unraveling the Power of a Remarkable Microcontroller

The Arduino Uno is an used and flexible microcontroller board that enables individuals of all skill levels whether novices or experienced to transform their concepts into reality. Its intuitive interface and impressive functionality make it an ideal instrument, for crafting projects, prototypes and various other applications.

Key Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 5V
Digital I/O Pins: 14
Analog Input Pins: 6
Flash Memory: 32 KB (ATmega328P) Datasheet
Clock Speed: 16 MHz
Power Supply: Via USB connection or external power source

Unleash Your Imagination:
Whether you’re an electronics enthusiast, a hobbyist, or a professional, the Arduino Uno offers a platform to experiment, innovate, and learn. Create responsive sensors, automate tasks, build robots, or even develop interactive artwork – the possibilities are endless.

Easy Programming:
Arduino Uno’s open-source software and supportive community make programming a breeze. Use the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write, compile, and upload code effortlessly.

Get Started Today:
Experience the joy of turning your ideas into reality with the Arduino Uno. Start your journey into the world of electronics and programming. Order yours now and embark on an exciting path of innovation!

Note: This description provides a brief overview of the Arduino Uno’s key specifications and potential applications. For more in-depth technical details and tutorials, explore the Arduino official documentation and community resources.


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