7 Segment 1 Digit Display


A 7-segment 1-digit display provides a single numerical digit representation, perfect for simple and compact digital readouts in various applications.



Display Type: 7-segment LED displays are either common anode or common cathode.

Viewing Angle: The viewing angle of the 7-segment LED display determines the range from which the display can be easily viewed.

Forward Voltage: The forward voltage is the voltage required to drive the LED, and it varies based on the LED color.

Forward Current: The forward current is the amount of current required to drive the LED to its maximum brightness.

Power Consumption:  30mA / segment


Brilliant Visibility: Bright and clear digits for easy reading, even from a distance.

Multiple Sizes: Available in various sizes, from compact to large, to suit any project.

Adjustable Brightness: Customize brightness levels to fit any lighting environment.

Effortless Integration: Microcontroller-friendly interface for seamless project integration.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for digital displays, clocks, timers, counters, and temperature readouts.

Energy-Efficient: Low power consumption for extended use without draining your power source.

Durable Design: Built to last with robust materials, minimizing wear and tear.

Multiplexing Support: Control multiple digits with fewer pins, maximizing efficiency.

Flicker-Free: High refresh rates ensure a steady and flicker-free display.


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