10 Segment LED Bar Graph – RGB


A dynamic RGB 10-segment LED bar graph for vivid level representation, offering colorful visuals and versatility for electronic projects and displays.



Display Type: 10-segment RGB LED Bar Graph
LED Colors: Red, green, and blue segments for versatile color display
Number of Segments: 10 individual RGB LED segments
Brightness: Bright and clear LEDs for vivid and customizable visual effects
Voltage: Typically operates at 3V to 3.3V per segment
Current: Common values range from 5mA to 20mA per segment
Interface: Easily controlled using microcontroller pins or drivers
Mounting: Designed for straightforward integration into various projects or enclosures
Durability: Built for long-term use with robust materials
Applications: Ideal for dynamic displays, mood lighting, visual indicators, and more
Dimensions: Compact and space-efficient design for versatile projects
Common Cathode Configuration: Common cathode pin (negative) for simplified connection
Customizable Colors: Mix and match RGB segments for a wide range of colors and effects
Multicolor Animation: Create dynamic color animations and visual displays


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