3.5 inch TFT Display


The 3.5-inch TFT display features high resolution and vivid color, making it an ideal choice for diverse electronic applications and projects.



Display Type: TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) display
Screen Size: 3.5 inches diagonal
Resolution: Typically 320×240 pixels for sharp and detailed visuals
Color Depth: High color depth for vibrant and accurate color reproduction
Brightness: Adjustable brightness levels for different lighting conditions
Touchscreen: Optional capacitive or resistive touchscreen functionality for interactivity
Viewing Angles: Wide viewing angles for clear visuals from various orientations
Interface: Typically supports SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for microcontroller connectivity
Operating Voltage: Typically operates at 3.3V or 5V, providing flexibility for different projects
Operating Temperature: Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures
Backlight: LED backlight for enhanced visibility and energy efficiency
Refresh Rate: Fast response times for smooth animations and video playback
Customizable Graphics: Ability to display custom graphics, text, and images
Driver Libraries: Supported by various libraries and code for easy integration
Compact Design: Space-efficient for integration into compact devices or enclosures
Durability: Designed to withstand normal wear and tear for long-lasting performance
Mounting Options: May include mounting holes or brackets for easy installation
Applications: Suitable for a wide range of projects, including handheld devices, IoT applications, data loggers, and more.


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