Fingerprint Scanner – TTL (GT-521F52)


The GT-521F52 Fingerprint Scanner – TTL is a biometric sensor module, crucial for fingerprint recognition and security applications.



Sensor Type: Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Fingerprint Detection: Capable of capturing and storing fingerprint data
Communication Interface: Typically uses UART/TTL (Serial) communication protocol
Voltage Supply: Compatible with common voltage levels, often 3.3V or 5V
Fingerprint Capacity: Can store multiple fingerprint templates
Resolution: High-resolution sensor for accurate fingerprint recognition
Security: Provides secure fingerprint authentication and verification
Mounting: Typically includes mounting holes or brackets for easy installation
Applications: Used in applications like biometric security, access control systems, attendance tracking, and secure authentication
Compatibility: Compatible with microcontrollers, Arduino boards, and devices for data acquisition and analysis


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