IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module


An IR (Infrared) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module detects infrared radiation, facilitating applications like proximity sensing, object detection.



Sensor Type: Infrared (IR) Sensor
Operating Principle: Detects the presence or absence of infrared radiation
Detection Range:  Short-range to medium-range
Wavelength: Typically sensitive to a specific infrared wavelength
Operating Voltage: Commonly operates at 3.3V or 5V DC
Output: Provides a digital or analog signal indicating the presence of infrared radiation
Interface: Interfaces with microcontrollers using digital or analog pins
Response Time: Fast response time for detecting changes in IR radiation
Detection Method: Detects variations in IR radiation caused by nearby objects or obstacles
Sensitivity: Adjustable sensitivity levels for different applications
Mounting Options: May include mounting holes or brackets for easy installation
Applications: Ideal for object detection, proximity sensing, line following robots, and more
Power Consumption: Low power consumption for extended use
Compatibility: Compatible with popular microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more
Output Modes: Some modules offer different output modes, such as digital or analog
Emitter and Receiver: Some modules include both an IR emitter and receiver for object detection


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