Thermistor 10K


A 10K Thermistor is a temperature-sensitive resistor with 10,000 ohms resistance at a specific temperature, widely used in temperature control applications.



Sensor Type: Thermistor
Resistance at 25°C: Typically has a resistance of 10,000 ohms (10K ohms) at 25°C (77°F)
Temperature Range: Provides a resistance-temperature relationship, allowing temperature measurements over a wide range
Accuracy: Offers good accuracy for temperature measurements when used with appropriate circuitry
Material: Typically made of ceramic or semiconductor materials
Response Time: Generally has a fast response to changes in temperature
Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures depending on the specific model
Mounting: Often used as a component within a larger circuit or temperature sensor assembly
Applications: Used in various temperature measurement and control applications, such as thermostats, temperature sensors, and industrial processes
Compatibility: Compatible with microcontrollers, Arduino boards, and devices for data acquisition and analysis


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