Weighing Sensor / Load Cell – 1kg


A 1kg Weighing Sensor/Load Cell is a precise instrument for weight measurement, often used in scales and industrial applications.



Sensor Type: Load Cell or Weighing Sensor
Capacity: 1 kilogram (kg)
Operating Principle: Utilizes strain gauge technology to measure weight or force
Accuracy: High accuracy in weight measurement
Sensitivity: Known sensitivity for precise weight readings
Output: Typically provides an analog voltage or digital signal proportional to the applied weight
Construction: Designed with materials and construction suitable for accurate weight measurement
Response Time: Fast response time for real-time weight monitoring
Operating Voltage: Compatible with common voltage levels, often 3.3V or 5V DC
Mounting Options: May include threaded holes or mounting brackets for easy installation
Applications: Widely used in applications like weighing scales, load monitoring, industrial automation, and more
Compatibility: Compatible with popular microcontrollers and instrumentation for data acquisition


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